The sick, tired men finally reached the mountain town where he was waiting.

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These two years were completely pointless. It seems to me that I haven't matured one bit since I've been at the university.


What's your favorite kind of fish?

I know Ben is coming here this afternoon.

We help the poor.

That's hard to picture.

I returned from abroad.


He gets a high salary.

He has two sisters. Both of them live in Kyoto.

Life is enjoyable.

She must really like you.

As you already know, your parents won't be there. It's time to be a responsible adult.


Let's go check on Dirk.

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Let the festivities begin.

Vicky's unconscious.

Today's agenda concerns the re-election of the student council. If anybody wishes to stand as a candidate, please raise your hand.

Earl is far too busy to talk to you today.

Be cautious when you cross the street.

It's annoying when people make out at work.

I will wait.


Vistlik didn't keep his appointment.

Don't go out of your way.

Our greatest enemies are no other than ourselves.

Let's cross our fingers.

She explained the literal meaning of the phrase.

Are you thinking of buying it?

It is dangerous to ride a motorbike without a helmet.

I hurried so I wouldn't miss the train.

I'm not the one doing the driving.

Rafael and Hal are like-minded.

I like lyric better than epic.

The city was destroyed by fire.

Tracy lost her glasses.

How large a sum did they raise?

Should we wait for her here?

I want you to mow the lawn right after breakfast.

This is a 30-passenger bus.

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I am a lucky budgie, aren't I?


I'm going to buy meat, cheese, and tomatoes.

I like coming and going as I please.

Rebecca continued texting.


The motor started to run.


There's been an accident. A man is hurt. He's bleeding badly.


Have you ever been to karaoke alone?


Lenny hid in the mountains because he didn't want to get caught by the police.

Tait changed into his school uniform.

Luke wasn't concentrating.

Where are you going all dolled up like that?

There's no reason for you to fear for your safety.

Thanks for letting me stay at your place.

I think that she is from Japan.

I made my decision based on what you said.

I'm glad we're in agreement.


I need you to do a couple of things for me.

He never pays much attention to what his teacher says.

I'm disgusted and disappointed.

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Greg may be back.

Notwithstanding the objections made by some of the corporations party to this arbitration, the committee has decided to remunerate the victims of the accident, as well as cover any medical expenses they may incur.

You're too young to die.

Don't you just love it when Jesse does that?

We definitely need to hire more people.


Everything's happening too quickly.


I can not go, nor do I want to.


That would be very unwise.

Jeffery lives in a Hispanic neighborhood.

I'm not racist, but I vote for racist politicians with racist policy plans.

Are you going to tell me or not?

During the night the wind blew cold.

If you convey to a woman that something ought to be done, there is always a dreadful danger that she will suddenly do it.

I may be unsociable, but it doesn't mean I don't talk to people.

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Did you find out where Alastair lives?

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Werner turned the chair upside down.

I am coating the wall with lime.

The plaque has to be removed.

Vincent moved toward Carlo.

I'm waiting to hear from him.

The head of the government must inspire the faith of the people.

Nhan ate dinner about one hour ago.

I wanted to save this for a special occasion.

You're new, huh?

Mike looked a little tired.

I hesitate to ask Lex to help.

Dorothy took a blanket off the bed and wrapped it around himself.

I will write her when I know her address.


What do you think I told him?

Of course they resemble each other in some ways.

I think it'd be better if you didn't do that.

If you take a child outside and point at the moon, the child will look at the moon. If you do the same with a dog, it will look at your finger.

If you act like a fool, you must be treated as such.

Murph speaks faster than I do.

I was cleaning.

Did you sue her?

Sarah doesn't like people telling him what to do.

I don't think you should do it.

This jacket is too small for me.

She must have taken the wrong bus.

They gathered in the gym.

Olaf had more important things on his mind.

It's more polite to say thin than skinny.


I think she's attracted to you.


Vinod really does talk a lot.

We found the key at last.

Please stop talking.

Rhonda was hurt.

Kyoto is a remarkably beautiful city.

If you ever decide to sell your old record collection, I want first dibs!

Presley's sister Jesus is now in Boston.

Don't look down on the poor.

At least we have a roof over our heads.

"Be quiet Mie," said Mom.

Luther was scandalised by the sale of indulgences.


What you said makes absolutely no sense to me.

Do you believe the witness's statement?

Judy spent hours on end writing and rewriting her essay.

The rain stopped us from being able to play tennis outside.

Lewis began to cry hysterically.

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I know I disappoint you sometimes.

Come home by 6:30.

A good diplomat is a person who practices the technique of letting someone else let the cat out of the bag.

We shall meet again in Petersburg, as if there we had buried the sun.

"So this," she went on, "is where the receipts are kept."

I don't know if I have enough time or not.

What else is there to say?

I'd love to go there one day.

He is shy of strangers.

Jorge woke up to the smell of bacon cooking.

Niels was kept in hospital overnight for observation.


Lewis begrudgingly accepted.

Everything was solved at the last moment.

That's a definite improvement.


They said something about it, but I couldn't really understand them.

Why doesn't he exercise with me anymore?

I couldn't understand why Dannie wanted to quit school.

I've got mosquito bites and they really itch. Do you have any medicine for it?

That's only part of it.

I've got to get them home.

I saw him get killed right in front of my eyes.


Are you going to join the glee club?

That would be a waste of time.

What a beautiful design!


They went after the parade.

I was working in this factory.

I saw to that.

He called her cell phone.

Laurianne went back inside the house.

I'll go and see her.

That blue dress suits you very well.


Toerless tends to apologize too often.

Gosh, can you be more wasteful?

My house doesn't have a roof.

I pay 100,000 yen in monthly rent for my apartment.

This company sold unsafe products.


She became a woman.


The room is very bright.

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I can only speak French.

I had my fortune told.

You've spoken with Saqib since I have, haven't you?

Why do you think it happened?

Charlie's father advised him to become a teacher.

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I watch very little television.

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May I borrow a pen?

Hurf deserves to take it easy.

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