You must be friendly with your neighbors.

I read the letter again and again.

I suggest you give your old computer to Ed.

Cultural appropriation isn't a thing.

May 8 is World Red Cross Red Crescent Day.

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I was in my thirties back then.


I will keep you warm.


I don't want to disappoint him.

Amanda needed us.

This stone has a hole in the center.


Move a step, and you'll be a dead man!

The dining room isn't open yet.

They answered.

They are fulfilling the commandment to host guests.

Moses talked to Rhonda on the telephone.

Dorothy works the late shift.

She was born in the nineties.

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Shel hugged Len and then kissed her.

I saw a photo of a 10-foot python eating a crocodile.

My father is tall.

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They're safe.

I don't want to share my room with Helen.

Have you studied Darwin's theory of evolution?

She put the dirty laundry in the washing machine.

How was LA?

We went to Boston together three years ago.

All the other kids do it.


I don't want to run into Sue.

Phill was too old.

List's boss's behaviour smacked of crass arrogance.

You must see your dentist.

You don't know a thing about me.

I told him what I know.

What time do we leave tomorrow?


Bjorne agreed with me.

I enjoyed doing that.

Ah, we have run short of sugar.


Even before the plastic surgery, Theo wasn't unattractive.

You've got to be joking.

I got a B in arithmetic.

My father taught me how to swim.

Do you pronounce it "Zed" or "Zee"?


He lives for nothing but pleasure.

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Fiction is as old as fairy tales and myths.

What do you read?

I've kind of gotten used to living in a tent.

It has a leak.

I recommend you the ASSIMIL method.


Happy were the students who had such a good teacher.

She gave me a shirt.

Dustin should've done something.


Amy loves pizza and French fries.

All the best to everyone!

They're getting away with it.

You'll spook him.

They said they're tired.


Everything was fine until Frederic started drinking.

The more information you give me, the better the advice I can provide you.

He hurried down the road with long strides.

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We're having the same problems that Ernst is having.


Did you make any money out of that business?

You've been a lot of help.

I'm here to rescue Marty.


The doctor's examining Markus right now.

Secular liberalism is the final religion, though its church is not of the other world but of this.

I need someone to help me.


First of all I'd like to make my position clear.

He's sweet and caring.

This is Amedeo's handiwork.

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She takes a great interest in English.

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There were no witnesses to the crime.

The days are getting longer.

Sheila told me where to buy what I needed.

I need to find out who Ramon was with.

Why is it nobody understands me and everybody likes me?

No one else knows what it's like to be me.

Please do this.

Gigi became convinced that Siegurd no longer loved him.

When I was a kid, touching bugs didn't bother me a bit. Now I can hardly stand looking at pictures of them.

When would you like us to have her over for dinner?

Let's go to Murray's house.


We just want them back.

You've got to tell somebody.

Sridharan doesn't have enough courage to confront Svante directly.


He doesn't understand British humour.

There's one more thing I need you to do.

Pick up the phone.

I've always wanted to learn to play the oboe.

The long distance courtship is the most concrete proof of love from one person to another, it being true to your loved one or beloved.

I am thinking of going to Kobe next week.

I'm very happy Sue and Cecilia are safe.

How much are you willing to pay?

She became a great artist.

You'll have to turn over a new leaf.

I don't know what else Pierre told you, but I do know he doesn't always tell the truth.


Masanobu is quite authoritative.

Ole and Amy seldom give each other presents.

I took care of it for you.


I've never cheated anybody.

This is the season to pick fresh tea.

Whose bread I eat, his song I sing.

We can't really discuss that.

Can I stay here tonight?

My cousin traveled to Spain two years ago, however my aunt has not yet heard from him.

Are you having any difficulty sleeping?


I like older people.

She tries to make a good text for the audience.

Can you repeat, please?

We really appreciated everyone's help.

I didn't believe that I would know the answers.


The secret of Hegel's dialectic lies ultimately in this alone, that it negates theology through philosophy in order then to negate philosophy through theology.

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I take my hat off to her for her effort.

I live just over there.

Why don't you take the cat out with you?


Hillary and Tenzing became, in 1955, the first to reach the summit of Mount Everest on the Nepal-Tibet border.

The dancer whirled around the hall.

Dog can be prepared in various different ways.

You three are very lucky.

I wanted to stop by and see how you're doing.

Andy isn't going to hurt us.

I think he really likes Pim.

I ought to be scared, but I'm not.

Kathryn'll stay.

It's apparently a metaphor for something uncatchable, light of body and fleet of foot.

We postponed the event.

It'll work next time.

It was raining on and off all through the night.

I need you tomorrow.

I have a right to my private life.


There are too many managers and not enough employees.

Can you come at nine?

Just do it already.

How could things have happened this way?

You remind me of your mother whenever I meet you.

Kari made a terrible decision.

Wine is the software of a meal. Meats and vegetables are but its hardware.

Brodie's hope was to win first prize.

It is said that there will be a general election this fall.


Naim is a pacifist.

That would be so funny.

I have no leisure for sport.


They didn't do it.

Cyrus was fed up with waiting for Pierce.

I know Sorrel isn't your boyfriend.


I'm sending someone to get you.

He put the key on the desk, as he always does.

You can't stop them.

You're prisoners.

Danny told me what you're up to.

Are those my slippers?

Nobody's happy.

We've got to fix some things.

I find his every word truly offensive.


He asked me if I know her phone number.

Are you really going to do that?

He is doing very well at school.

The long distance courtship is the most concrete proof of love from one person to another, it being true to your loved one or beloved.

You wouldn't like Teresa.

Which book is better?

How soon can you start?


One day I'll want to fly outside the country.


I have to get out of this mess.

I cannot see the stars. It's cloudy.

Your suggestion seems reasonable.