Is this a newspaper or a magazine?

It hasn't come up yet.

I can help.

He set us by the ears.

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Lee has a piano.

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Bill, have you taken Spot for a walk yet?


How many times are you going to do that?

We have tons of money.

When she heard the news, she turned pale.


She is giving a party tonight.

Nadeem meant well.

Grace did nothing but watch TV all day.

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Mongo can't taste the difference between expensive wine and cheap wine.


He hath looked into mine eyes and hath seen fire.

Clayton put all of his assets in a blind trust.

Ami gave Ricardo a list of all the victims.

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Caroline fired me.

It was the year A.F. 632. "A.F." meant "After Ford" as in the T-Model.

When you listen to your recorded voice, you get the feeling that you're hearing the voice of a stranger.

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I am interested in this book.

You couldn't do it, could you?

Jesus drove the merchants and money-changers out of the temple.

Matthieu and Jamie are our guests.

Who's in there now?

I don't want to get a haircut.

Would you like some company?


I have an advantage over him.

That sounds like them.

Is that your dog over there?


I'll get them.

He made me write the letter with a pen.

I don't doubt that one bit.

I don't know anybody by that name.

These are called shoes.

Well, one day I'll buy you a beer and you can tell me about the time you spent in Boston.

I am fed up with my old fridge.

My guess is Leora bought more than three.

We only use Spanish at home.


I barely know anything about you.

We have a choice now.

He put a large amount of money into the industry.

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Hungry and thirsty, we at last reached the inn.


Despite his riches, he's not contented.

I can't do what I'm being paid to do.

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.

Beaches in Hawaii are famous for their large waves.

The door shut of its own accord.


I'm easy-going.

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Don't count your chickens before they hatch.

I'm looking for my keys.

Can you explain to me why you refused their offer?

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Beavers were nearly eliminated from this area.

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My grandpa was an archeologist.


In the wake of the heavy rain, there was a major flood.


Catherine is unbiased.

We're about to leave here.

Many people never get it right and end up landing jobs in government. How they do it will forever remain a mystery.

I'm going to see her.

Margaret actually hardly ever studies.

Donovan broke his leg in a cycling accident.

Did the two of you meet in Boston?


He kept early hours.

I know how to do my job.

Tell me what my choices are.

He tried to learn Greek, but soon got tired and gave it up.

Doesn't that make you happy?

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He seemed unconscious of my presence.


Thanks for the beautiful music!

When the lanes are dry like this, a curveball ends up in the gutter.

They were afraid of the teacher.

Can I call you back?

I'm tired of your comments.


The man I trusted betrayed me.

Coleen was held up in a traffic jam.

I'm not involving her.

When annualized, the quarterly gain represents a 4% growth.

Oh stranger, tell the Lacedaemonians that here we lie, obedient to their words.

Don't you have any good news?

The lack of money is the root of all evil.

Tell me where to find Jorge.

The owner lives above the store.


You're from Boston, aren't you?

My brothers left and we stayed here.

It's not my decision.

We had better call the police.

The young man helped the old lady load the groceries into her car.

Are there any other hotels you can recommend?

Forget it.

Stop using my stuff!

It's true that I want to know it.


You must tell James the truth.


I don't have the option.

We sat in the very back of the auditorium.

I'd stay away from Guido if I were you.


I should have starved to death for want of food.


We are not on the earth forever, but only for a time.


William the Conqueror occupied England in 1066.

What do you want to say to Myron?

I started a new diet. In two weeks I lost fourteen days!

Portia tempered justice with mercy.

What did Boyd say about me?

She spent ten days without a toilet or shower.

I can take you home now.


Your duty is to save your country from a foreign invasion.


He attributed the accident to the bad weather.

I cannot make such a mistake. Russian is my native tongue.

I'll be at my desk.

I know for certain that Carlos is seriously ill.

I ate a light lunch.

I'm really sorry to make you wait.

In soccer, a player is sent off with a red card.

Mother mentioned that it was about time to prepare supper.

Please, let me out! I will be good, I promise!

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I gave my carefully prepared speech.

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What the hell are you doing with my gun?

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Hillel is wearing a tie-dyed top.

Climate change affects water demand and the ways water is used within and across regions and economic sectors.

Look through the yellow pages.

The sun shone brightly.

This house is infested with termites.

It's my favorite dish!

The post office is near the bookstore.

We're out of gas.

He's sexy and muscular.


I like to be early.

My old dress is blue.

My feet are smaller than your feet.

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I don't like the idea of leaving Amir alone.

Subra is waiting for someone to come.

I don't see anything here that I need.


We were together.

Do the trains run on diesel oil?

I like reading American novels.

Damone threw something at me and I ducked.

Finally, he reached his goal.

I hope he is not the only one.

It was the only way.

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I guess I should have known Ted wasn't going to help.

Thank you for the help.

I'm tired of her complaints.

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Mehrdad forgave Dennis on his deathbed.

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Why do people feel afraid?

That sounds good to me.

I think we're going to stay for another day.

How you've grown!

Sonny wanted Kenneth to cook dinner.

Would you like to make a formal complaint?

Are you helping Miss Hansson?

Hasn't Jim returned yet?

He lives in Morocco.

She's smart and hardworking.

Learning vocabulary is a neverending struggle.

I'll speak to him.

I've heard that sitting up straight is bad for your back.

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Elvis gave the impression that he wasn't happy.

Galen doesn't look very busy.

I really do like Christmas.

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He is not in the habit of going to church.