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Maximize monetization by selling every impression with high price.
Leverage the industry’s advanced advertising platform to optimize revenue and maximize yield.

By combining real-time bidding technology and automatic traffic optimization across the most relevant demand sources, EightSquare lets you maximize monetization to its fullest potential, so you command top dollar for each impression you sell, and increase your total yield through our all-in-one platform.

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Where AI meets intelligent ad buying.
As AI is making everything more intelligent, EightSquare is using it to develop the best ad tech.

By creating a seamless feedback loop between a brand’s decisioning logic and its consumer touchpoints, EightSquare is combining data and AI to build campaigns that actually grow smarter over time. EightSquare is also helping to connect DSPs, ad exchanges with managed publishers, SSPs smoothly. The result is a world where marketers can deliver targeted ads to tens of millions of users, hundreds of publishers, spread out across billions of interconnected devices across the world.

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