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We all are so busy in our professional lives where timelines, presentations, minutes of the meeting and the worst of all ms excel. Every day starts with a common thought, when will this day end. This torture goes on for days, weeks and months. The blessing in the disguise is a quick gateway.    

From Delhi, there are lots of places where one can go for a weekend trip but only 2 places actually promise good weather around the year, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Last month (September) when both these places were bombarded with heavy rains, I packed my bags along with 3 friends and drove to Jim Corbett. The major attraction of Corbett is the safari but due to rain it was closed. Before I tell you more let me tell you about my past travels. Whenever I have traveled with friends, it has always been about trekking, sightseeing, bonfires and partying. This trip was no different.    

The Drive –   

From Delhi to the resort, it is about an 8hr drive (Google says 6hrs but with traffic and pit stops, the time goes up). We left from Delhi around 3:30 AM so that we reach the resort around the check-in time. Since we were four, 2 were regular drivers and other 2 were permanent back seat passengers. It’s important to have more than 1 driver as we all had spent a full day at work and also it is always good to have experienced drivers on long journeys in case of an emergency. The only tip here is to carry food with you as there are almost no good dhabas (restaurants) on this route.    

The Resort –


We found this resort on MMT called “Rangers reserve”. From Ramnagar, it is about 45 minutes’ drive into the jungle. The road is smooth and we saw a lot of tourist being scammed by guides, being given rides in open jeeps even when the safari was closed due to monsoon. Getting back, the location was such that even the GPS lost the way and we had to actually trek to find the drivable path. It was an off-season so we got a discount on the rooms, one room for about 5k (with breakfast) but in the season, same room is about 8-9k.   

The Beauty –     

The resort in itself was a beauty. We were greeted with a tilak and garlands and immediately there was a smile on our faces.  There was a golf cart to take us from the parking to the reception (or anywhere in the property as it was huge) and most important of all a flurry of greenery. Since it was the off-season, there were only 3 families on the property (honestly, we only saw one) and everything in the resort was available to us. We had reached the place around 10 am and after a quick break, we were ready to explore the resort privileges. Being guys, the first thing to attract us was Table tennis, badminton, and ATV. Then was the turn of the swimming pool. All the swimmers know how much fun it is to have the entire pool to ourselves.  The restaurant had some good food and quite reasonable rates as well.   

The Night –   

Who doesn’t love nights and that too in the mountains, cold breeze, luckily clear sky with nothing but billions of stars and a bottle of Chivas? All those people who love watching stars, use this app called Star Tracker. The app not only shows you stars but also constellations, planets and a lot of fun. We used this app whole night and we were running in the resort parks like small kids. I have spent many nights watching stars in Manali, Dhanaulti, Shimla, kasoli, and others but never had this much fun. I actually felt like a small kid who thought that all the things in the sky are nothing but some kind of magic. Please, do explore the app. It can also be used in cities as it uses GPS and can be used to teach kids as well.    

The second day –   

The early morning with birds chirping got me up even after having the half bottle of Chivas. We had breakfast and checked out of the resort. But before heading back to Delhi, we decided to visit Girija temple which is about 40 minutes’ drive from Ramnagar. It is basically a temple on a solo structure between a small stream of a river. It is actually beautiful.  The fun was actually hampered as it rained heavily the entire day but it was a good experience.     

To sum it up, a quick getaway is much better than spending the weekend at home. It actually relaxes you mentally and breaks city life monotony. It was also not very expensive, it cost each person about 7k but it rejuvenated all of us, gave wonderful memories, and an idea for future trips. I also understood why people visit resorts as they give a very nourished and best possible environment.   

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